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Greetings from Estrella Technologies! We are a brand that has established our identity as a leading Facebook advertising agency, helping our clients to remain on top of all social media platforms. Our primary focus on Facebook ads is increasing the number of likes to make your brand viral.

Our social media specialists manage Facebook status pages with creative content to ensure that most of your target audience can engage with that content and can have a positive impact on them regarding your brand.

When you partner with Estrella Technologies, you can remain assured about an effective Facebook promotion strategy revolving around your brand’s USPs. We always strive to give the desired limelight to your brand to drive most of the traffic on your website through Facebook ads.

Be ready to get a higher bang for your buck with Estrella Technologies!

How do you avail of our Facebook Ads services?

Step 1

Quick call

First and foremost, hop on a quick call to discuss your requirements. We connect and chat about your ad budget, target audience, mission and vision, and end goal of running a Facebook Ads campaign. Every minute detail is discussed on the call and taken note of. 


Step 2

A comprehensive plan

Moving ahead, we analyze your competitor’s paid advertisements and build a cohesive plan for your campaigns. At every step, we have your goal and target audience. We aim to develop a comprehensive plan and help you achieve the desired results. 


Step 3

Facebook ads design and development

Being the best FB advertising company, we help our clients design and develop effective ad campaigns. We have the best Facebook Ads manager to help you design graphics, copy and CTA for your campaigns. 

In the end, you get fully optimized campaigns at your fingertips. Besides you can also analyze the ad campaign analytics and check their performance. 


Step 4

Reassure with you

We design your desired advertising campaign’s graphics, video, and copy. After completing the entire process, we will check with you for approval. Once you give the go-ahead, we publish or schedule the ad to publish at a specific time. 


Facebook ads benefit your business in numerous ways.

Facebook marketing has numerous benefits for your business. You reach warm and cold leads with the help of paid advertisements. It also helps increase your website traffic and social media engagement to a huge level.

Five bеnеfits of Facebook Ads arе listеd bеlow:

1. Lead generation

The biggest benefit of Facebook advertisements is increased lead generation. When you sign up with the best Facebook ads agency, you get the inbound leads on autopilot. Paid advertisements are the best way to reach millions at less cost.

It increases the website traffic and increases the chances of getting leads in your inbox.

2. Brand awareness

Today, brand awareness and sales go hand in hand. Being a renowned business is the unfair advantage you get in increasing your revenue. It also helps you have a USP and stand out from the crowd.

You need the right Facebook marketing company to help set up effective advertisements and increase brand awareness. They know the tips for creating creative graphics, copy and advertisements that give an emotional touch to your message.

3. Reach a massive audience base

Facebook has an active base of billions of users. The app gives your business access to a wide audience base across the globe. In short, it increases your chances of reaching anyone from any location at your fingertips.

Every age group and gender is active on the Facebook app. The best part is, with Facebook marketing, you can target a specific demographic to promote your goods and services. You can choose the audience criteria based on age, gender, interests, location and language.

4. Choose from varied categories of ads

You can choose from various categories of ad campaign templates for a smooth ad creation process. Awareness ads are advertisements focused on talking about the brand and its message. The goal of such Facebook Ads is to increase impressions and click rate. Another prominent category is consideration-focused ads. These ads focus on forcing the viewers to take action. For example, downloading a PDF or subscribing to an email list.

5. Better SEO

When you link your Facebook ads with your landing page, visitors will visit your website, and the web traffic will increase tremendously. As a result, you rank higher on various search engines.

The more links you provide on your Facebook page, the better reputation your website has in the eyes of Google.


Contact us to avail yourself of the best Facebook Advertising services.

If you’re looking to invest in Facebook Ads services, our agency is your better choice. We have the best Facebook Ads managers with years of experience and expertise in this field. You get a high-quality ad campaign and better results with our services. 

We can help you, from creating unique graphics, videos, and ad copy to a creative CTA for the campaign. You’ll be the most searched business in a world where every business craves online visibility. 

Creating Facebook Ad campaigns without getting your account restricted is a challenging task. Our company can help you create and approve advertisements within 24 hours. We can also help you revive your restricted advertisement account. Contact us now to be a top Facebook advertiser in your industry. 

Frequently Asked Questions


Facebook advertisements target and reach audiences on various social media apps. It is the best way of attracting leads, traffic and sales.  

A good FB advertising company will help you set up your ad account, enter the payment method, run effective and creative campaigns, and bring better results at less cost. Facebook advertising helps your business reach millions of social media users and customers. You need paid advertising to increase your sales at less investment. Hence, Facebook Ads are an excellent idea to increase your business’s sales and lead generation.

Yes, Facebook Ads will help increase the brand awareness of your business. A good Facebook marketing company will help you set up ads, create campaigns from scratch and get better website traffic. They also help you identify the right audience for your products and services. 

Having a solid Facebook ads strategy helps you gain inbound leads and traffic on autopilot. Your ads are well-optimized for all devices. You can be stress-free about ad approval and watch your sales grow. Contact us to create and set up your business’s best advertising campaigns.

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