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Welcome to Estrella Technologies! We are your trusted partner to give number of relevant and quality leads through our best Google Ads services. Our team does adequate research and shortlist the best actionable keywords for our clients’ business.

Our proven strategy, works for any kind of business as we have experience in working with companies of different verticals. Being one of the best Google ads service providers in Pune, Estrella Technologies focus on how to minimize clients’ expenditure on advertising spend and cater them outstanding results even in limited budget.

So, be ready to transform your business by fuelling the sales and get leads which are ready for conversion with us.

How do you avail of our Google Ads services?

Step 1

Quick call

The first step is to get on a call and discuss your business goal, ad idea and other requirements. We create the best ad campaigns for our clients. Everything from ads, campaign details, and timeline is discussed on the call. Your competitor analysis is the most important part we focus on. Our experts consider your goals and craft a result-oriented Google ads campaign.


Step 2

A comprehensive plan

We have Google Adverse experts with years of experience crafting a comprehensive plan for your advertisement. Their goal is to reach your target audience at a lower cost. 


Step 3

Google Ads design and development

We have happy clients from across the globe because of our ad designs and creativity. Our Google ads company helps you create an advertisement that touches the emotional cords of your audience. We also have a step-by-step approach to setting up an ad account, creating graphics and publishing ads online.

We also help you optimize the campaigns to drive traffic to your website and social media accounts. Besides, our company’s best Google ad manager assists you at every step during and after the campaign creation.  


Step 4

Reassure with you

After completing the quick call and knowing your requirements, we get to work and create the final advertisement. We then come to you for approval. And once we receive a go-ahead, we make the advertisement live for millions of people to watch. 


Google Ads services and its benefits for your business

Advertise on Google and reach your target audience in a few clicks. You get an effective breakdown of every penny spent on advertisements. You get the attention of billions of Google users. Google ads are the best option to consider for exponential business growth. Companies like Facebook, X and Instagram have gained huge popularity due to Google Ads.

Four bеnеfits of Google Ad sеrvicеs arе listеd bеlow

1. Grab the attention of a massive audience.

We always tend to Google everything we wish to know. And Google has trillions of searches every year. There are many people active on Google looking for answers to their questions. Google has an answer to everything, so ads on this platform are the best way to be ahead of your competitors.

2. Target anyone and everyone.

You will find your target audience on Google. There is an audience group for every business on Google. Google Ads are the best way to reach these audience groups and sell your product. With Google ads, your landing page traffic increases, and you can collect user information with a simple Google form.

The next step is to show your credibility by sending authentic and helpful content to your audience. You can also use retargeting software to bring customers back to your website. Also, a Google Ads account is essential to create and run advertising campaigns. A good Google Ads company helps you achieve it effortlessly and at an affordable price.

3. Know the intent

When you use Google advertising services, our company helps you reach people on the internet with intent. In other words, they are searching for a solution to their problems. There is a huge difference between people on Google's page with intent and without intent.

Hence, your products reach the right audience at the right time with Google Adverse.

4. Easy to understand Ad format

The Advertisement format and results are easy to understand with the analytics dashboard. Google has improved its analytics immensely in the past few years. It is now possible to see the campaign results and make necessary changes quickly.

You can easily understand the basic information on the Google Ads page. From Google advertising cost, impressions, budget and keywords, everything is available on the Google Analytics page. You can see and analyze the visitor's reaction through this dashboard.


Contact us to avail the best Google Ads services.

If you want to invest in Google ads, our company can help you succeed. Our experts are experienced in this field and expand your business to new heights. Paid advertisement will help you reach more people and attract maximum eyeballs to your website. 

Also, with Google, you can be the top searched page on search engines. It makes the growth process easy and fast for your business. You don’t have to enter endless backlinks or keywords to rank your landing page. 

And we can do it all for you at an affordable price. Contact us for the best Google advertising services in the city. 

Frequently Asked Questions


Google Ads is paid advertisements to gain traffic and organic leads on autopilot. It includes setting up an ad account, running promotional ads, and bringing better results at less cost. You don’t have to enter endless backlinks or keywords on your website to rank on Google. It is all possible with a simple ad campaign.

Yes, Google ads will help you gain website traffic. You get complete assistance creating and publishing advertising campaigns with the best Google Ads Company. These campaigns help you gain endless popularity and sales for your business. 

Working with the best Google ads service provider helps you create a campaign strategy to gain virality. Your website automatically appears on the first page of Google search results. Your target audience might also end up clicking on your website and booking your service. Moreover, a good agency optimizes the campaign for phone and desktop users. Better user experience and easy navigation result in high customer satisfaction. 

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