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Let the Linkedln audience know about your brand in a positive manner with Estrella Technologies! Our LinkedIn advertising services in Pune can target your audience at minimal cost. Our tailor made solutions are based on deep market research, engagement, strategies and reporting. We can take care of your Linkedln PPC ads to make you grow your customer base. We can also help you to manage landing page for Ads or can link the ads to your website.

Our team keeps the clients informed about every step of Linkedln advertisements and helps them to track the progress. Through Linkedln we allow our clients to target even global audience if they want to, to add more quality leads in their pocket.

How do you avail of our social media handling services?

Step 1

Quick call

We get on a call with our clients and enquire about their requirements. From your business goals, personal vision, needs, mission and long-term vision, we discuss it all on a quick call. 

We use these details to craft well-developed LinkedIn Ads. 


Step 2

A comprehensive plan

Secondly, we sit with our experts and craft a comprehensive plan for your LinkedIn advertising. The plan includes studying your audience and coming up with a well-formulated advertisement campaign. 


Step 3

Linkedin Ads creation

We also have a look at your website and make the necessary changes in your LinkedIn profile with the gathered information. Our expert graphic designers also help you create job posts and ads for your LinkedIn. 

We ensure to optimize your LinkedIn to get more leads and sales fullyOptimizing your profile is the first step to build your brand on LinkedIn. Our creative team also helps you craft thoughtful Ad graphics and copy for the campaign. We handle everything related to LinkedIn advertising so that you can get leads and sales on autopilot. 


Step 4

Reassure with you

After crafting the ad and graphics, our LinkedIn ads manager reaches out to you for approval. Once we get the go-ahead, we buckle up to launch your first advertising campaign. And ensure to make it a successful one. 


LinkedIn Ads service and its benefits for your business

Running LinkedIn job ads is the biggest advantage of being on the platform. In addition, it is tricky to create and launch a successful advertising campaign by yourself. It is when LinkedIn campaign management comes into the picture. We play a huge role in ideating, creating, developing and publishing a successful LinkedIn Ad.

We help you grow immensely with each passing day. You get online visibility and virality with our LinkedIn advertising services. Besides, hiring a LinkedIn Ads agency can also help you build strong connections and network with industry experts.

LinkedIn can help you 10x your revenue. However, people are not aware of using it to the fullest. Hence, a LinkedIn Ad service provider plays a huge role in shaping your online brand.

Three benefits of LinkedIn Ads service are listed below

1. Reach your potential customers effortlessly

LinkedIn Ads are the best way of reaching your potential clients and customers. There are millions of active users on LinkedIn every day. You can target your specific audience group with ease and spot the relevant customers.

In addition, you can create ads for a niche audience and publish relevant ads. Moreover, LinkedIn ads help you increase your brand recognition and reach a larger audience.

2. Target your desired customer group.

It doesn’t matter if you want to target people in their early 20s or late 50s. You get the option to reach out to anyone and everyone on LinkedIn. There are more than 500 million users on LinkedIn, and new users are still signing up to the platform. Hence, you can target a huge audience group.

With LinkedIn advertising, you can target people of any age gender, at any location, company or job title.

Hence, you can post LinkedIn job ads and select your desired candidate with your job offer. LinkedIn also helps you target audiences that might be interested in your product/service.

3. Highly cost-effective

LinkedIn ads are highly cost-effective and budget-friendly. The advertisements have less cost per click than platforms like Facebook and Instagram. You can get a higher click rate at a lower investment.

Customers also convert soon on LinkedIn as compared to other platforms. In other words, people are more likely to take action after seeing your LinkedIn job ads.


Contact us to avail the best social media handling services.

We have the best in-house LinkedIn experts handling and growing various LinkedIn ad accounts. Our company has also succeeded in bringing leads, sales, and followers through LinkedIn advertising. We can help you expand your business and promote your brand with the help of LinkedIn ads. If this sounds good to you, we’re the right agency for you. 

Do not worry about leads and brand awareness with our top-notch LinkedIn services. We put the best work of art and creativity into crafting revenue-generating advertisement campaigns for your business. 

We make the entire process seamless for you by creating and running paid advertisements on your behalf. Our LinkedIn ads agency has the best in-house experts with knowledge and years of experience. Their experience and your vision together can bring immense growth to your business. Contact us for the best LinkedIn ads services at an affordable price. 

Frequently Asked Questions


LinkedIn ads services are when you hire a person or a LinkedIn ads agency to create and run an advertising campaign for you. The agency helps entrepreneurs, businesses, creators, and influencers to grow their LinkedIn network and hire employees through paid ads. Moreover, these agencies do the job at a much lower price than an influencer or any other solopreneur.

Yes, our LinkedIn ads services will help you increase brand awareness. We have a prolific team of experts and LinkedIn ad managers doing the job for you. They also give you complete assistance in ideating, creating and publishing effective advertising campaigns in less time. We also help you with new campaign ideas to stay on trend and relevant. 

LinkedIn is a prominent platform to get leads and promote your business. In addition, you can also build your brand on the platform with the help of engaging content and LinkedIn ads. 

We can help you showcase your art, creativity, and products in the best possible way online. You don’t have to worry about getting leads and cold emailing; our talented team takes care of it all with their expertise. Our LinkedIn advertising establishes you as an industry expert and helps you gain huge attention. Investing in a good LinkedIn ad agency is always a wise choice for your business. 

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